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Ten comments about #Elerian meeting in #NYC by Sherif Ahmed

ديسمبر 14, 2012 أضف تعليق

My dear friend Sherif Ahmed posted a very respectful point of view about #Elerian visit and meeting in NYC, I took his permission to publish it here on the blog.

Ten comments on the meeting after watching videos uploaded by both sides

1) It clearly shows how new and inexperienced the Islamic agenda supporters are to this whole idea of democracy judging by how uncomfortable they are with those who disagree with them and by how excited they get dealing with these disagreements.

2) It exposes the lack of vision demonstrated by the secular/popular agenda supporters who frequently resort to the comfort zone of blaming the other at the expense of logically entertaining an argument

3) Essam Alarian should have been given a clear scope and specific points to address by the organizers in addition to his useful introduction about the history behind the constitution committee in order to effectively manage people’s expectations

4) It’s of the greatest benefit to have a system in place communicated to people in the beginning of the session but to start by threatening people with calling the police on them is not the most efficient direction to take since it surely alienates those who may have otherwise enriched the discussion

5) The tendency by the Islamic agenda supporters to close the session at the beginning and not allow those who are of different views to attend after extending a general invitation to the public displays a clear lack of understanding of the very purpose of the meeting in addition to fact that it undermines the objectivity of the discussion

6) If people disrupt the meeting, there should be one person in charge and that is the MC who must provide direction while other members of the organizing committee should follow. That person may choose to allow those who want to chant time to finish and then insightfully invite them to debate their point of contention with the visiting guest which would have surely added value to the discussion or he may respectfully ask them to leave depending on his or her assessment of the situation.

7) It is admirable that Islamic agenda supporters like to open the session with the remembrance of God’s name and of mentions of peace and blessing on his prophet but to push this approach and impose a religious discussion on the meeting about the status of Egypt in the Quraan and the different prophets who lived there is off topic; this is after all a discussion about the constitution not a class in a religious institution

8) Agree or disagree with the guest speaker about his political views, the fact of the matter is the Islamic agenda supporters short changed him when they didn’t give him a proper introduction at least in terms of his academic achievements and by denying him the opportunity to refute claims of his opposing party of the secular/popular agenda supporters. And the Secular/popular agenda supporters, on the other hand, also short changed him when they resorted to name calling instead of a logical debate

9) It is regrettable for both our Egyptian and Arab community here in the land of democracy to miss yet another opportunity to learn how to accept the other and how to co-exist in a manner that reflects integration and cooperation rather than divisions and assimilation

10) Islamists need to learn that being a majority doesn’t mean that they forget the very principles they stand for and secularists/popularists need to better understand the cumulative experiences of the Islamists and the history of the islamic movement in particular in order to navigate out of this current state of polarization


When #Tahrir stood in solidarity with #occupyOakland #occupywallstreet

أكتوبر 30, 2011 2تعليقان

By @EgyptEagle and @SalehFekry

Not only americans watched how Oakland’s riot police dealed with #occupyOakland peacful sit-in a few days ago. But obviously a group of Egyptian activists decided to organize a march from Tahrir sq. last Friday to the US embassy in solidarity with the #occupyOakland.

In a country like Egypt were still the majority of people don’t know about the diversity inside the american community and that there’s a lot of people in America not happy with what their government is doing around the world. It was amazing to see a group of activists in their busy fight with SCAF (Egyptian Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) and their actions against the revolution demands, organizing such a beautiful solidarity march with the protesters in Oakland.

SalehFekry is an activist based in Cairo was at the protest and sent me an e-mail with the details@

“I found the event online on facebook, and I was in Tahrir sq. that time so I went to the meeting point that they mentioned” Saleh said. The US embassy in Cairo is only a couple of minutes away from Tahrir square “we started to write the signs and we were in front of the embassy after 5 minutes”. Chanting in English “We support #occupywallstreet” holding a mixed English and Arabic signs around 20 protesters showed their solidarity with the American activists in the US. “In my opinion numbers is not the big deal. It was organized in a very short time and we’ve a lot of issues Egypt is going through right now” Saleh said. But when a group of Egyptians decides to show soldarity with the American people in my opinion I think it means a lot”.

The Message was clear: “From the people to the people, The governments is not going to stay there forever. All the governments will change one day and the people voices will rule” Saleh finished his message.

Video by @g4s90

Sign: “One case one goal social justice for all”

One of the protesters holding a sign with words supporting #OWS and #OccupyOakland

Sign in Arabic: “I’m in solidarity with my friends in Oakland, From Tahrir”

حلقة مصر النهاردة عشية تصويت الشعب على التعديلات – حلقة مهمة وممتازة جداً

مارس 21, 2011 أضف تعليق

إذا كنت سياسى

إذا كنت شاب

إذا كنت شخص مهتم بمصر

لازم تشوف
الحلقة دى.

5 parts

1: http://bit.ly/dF19tA

2: http://bit.ly/hdnAeN

3: http://bit.ly/eo7wsO


5: http://bit.ly/dKxo24


خريطة إحتجاجات جمعة الغضب – للتغلب على الحجب

يناير 27, 2011 2تعليقان


المحتوى من الدستور
الدستور الأصلي ينشر خريطة أماكن التظاهر في “جمعة الغضب
“من أمام المسجد أو الكنيسة هنعلن ثورتنا ونعبر عن غضبنا “بتلك الكلمات خرجت الدعوات للمشاركة في تظاهرات حاشدة  فيما يعرف بجمعة الغضب التي أعلنت عنها القوي الشعبية والسياسية استكمالا لانتفاضة الشعب المصري التي اندلعت يوم الثلاثاء الماضي حاملة مجموعة من المطالب السياسية والاجتماعية
ومن المقرر أن يشارك فيها الدكتور محمد البرادعي مدير وكالة الطاقة الذرية السابق والذي لم يعلن بعد مكان المسجد الذي سيصلي فيه وإن كان من الأرجح أن تكون بالقرب من ميدان الجيزة .
كما قررت جماعة الإخوان المسلمين المشاركة دون رفع شعارات دينية ، في وقت مازالت الكنيسة المصرية تدعو شعبها لعدم المشاركة في المظاهرات
بينما أكدت كافة القوي السياسية مشاركتها غدا في مظاهرات الغضب ،في الوقت ذاته دعا الحزب الوطني أنصاره للخروج إلي المساجد غدا وتنظيم مظاهرات موازية مؤيدة للرئيس مبارك علي غرار مظاهرات” يوم الوفاء ” التي خرجت كرد علي دعوة مظاهرات يوم 25 يناير التي دعا لها جروب خالد سعيد وشباب 6 إبريل علي شبكة الانترنت والذي تحول إلي انتفاضة غضب شعبية
في وقت دعت فيه وزارة الأوقاف دعاة المسجد لتوحيد خطبة الجمعة حول وجوب طاعة ولي الأمر وهو الأمر الذي قبول بإنتقاد شديد من عدد من النشطاء علي شبكة الفيس بوك حيث طالب المصلون بانتقاد الخطيب في حالة القيام بدعم الحاكم وتحريم الخروج عليه والرد عليه قائلا ” أفضل الجهاد كلمة حق عند سلطان جائر ”
وحدد  منظمو تظاهرات الغد مجموعة من الأماكن كمناطق انطلاق لفعاليات الغد وقسموها بين المساجد والكنائس وتتمثل في مدينة نصر: “مسجد رابعة العدوية”، أو “أقرب كنيسة لك”. 

العباسية: “مسجد النور”، أو “الكاتدرائية”.
رمسيس: “مسجد الفتح”، أو “أقرب كنيسة لك”.
التحرير: “مسجد عمر مكرم”، أو “كنيسة قصر الدوبارا”.
السيدة زينب: “مسجد السيدة زينب”، أو “أقرب كنيسة لك”.
الأزهر: “الجامع الأزهر”، أو “أقرب كنيسة لك”.
مصر القديمة: “جامع عمرو بن العاص”، أو ” كنيسة مارجرجس”.
المطرية: “مسجد ميدان المطرية”، أو “أقرب كنيسة لك”.
شبرا: “مسجد الخازندار”، أو “أقرب كنيسة لك”.
المهندسين: “مسجد مصطفى محمود”، أو “أقرب كنيسة لك”.
الهرم: “مسجد نصر الدين”، أو “أقرب كنيسة لك”.
ميدان الجيزة: “مسجد الجمعية الشرعية”، أو “أقرب كنيسة لك”.
الدقي: “مسجد أسد بن الفرات”، أو “أقرب كنيسة لك”.
المرج: “مسجد ميدان المرج الجديدة”، أو “أقرب كنيسة لك”.
أكتوبر: “الحصري”، أو “أقرب كنيسة لك”.
المعادي: “مسجد الفتح”، أو “أقرب كنيسة لك”.
حلوان: “مسجد المراغي”، أو “أقرب كنيسة لك”.
السلام: “مسجد أبو بكر الصديق”، أو “أقرب كنيسة لك”.
فيصل: “مسجد آل محمد”، أو “أقرب كنيسة لك”.
وكذلك كافة المساجد الكبري والكنائس الرئيسة علي مستوي المحافظات .

فراس ضحية الحصار … Feras victim of the blockade

مايو 14, 2009 أضف تعليق

أحياناً تكون الصور أبلغ بكثير من أى كلمات شاهدوا هذا الفيديو ، وأنتظر تعليقاتكم

sometime the pictures got a lot of means more than the words

I’m waiting your comments!